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Academic Editing

In Person, in Goulburn, only.

J E Tutoring is able to offer academic editing combined with a tutoring service. This means an under- or postgraduate is shown how to ‘Clean up’ the drafts of essays, as well as making sure they meet assignment criteria.



Sessions usually take 90 minutes – 2 hours. The number of sessions varies. Students book a session when needed throughout the academic year.

Cash only at the completion of the session.







An Under- or Post Graduate can expect to Cover:

  • Understanding assignment questions
  • Focused research techniques
  • Planning essays
  • Paragraphing
  • Explanation of an academic writing style
  • Working within a prescribed word count
  • The difference between a structural edit and proofreading
  • Structural edits needed for specific topics.
  • Basic grammar and punctuation


For detailed explanation of academic writing students can expect to cover:

  • Academic writing styles
  • Writing for a particular audience
  • Thesis statements
  • Topic sentences
  • Information needed in introductory, body and concluding paragraphs
  • Transposing paragraphs
  • Transitional phrases
  • Vocabulary selection to establish context
  • The use of specific punctuation to enhance structure
  • Referencing and footnotes

 Please note - legal restrictions apply to assistance with sourcing, research and content material.