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Sessions Available 


Term 1- 2020 No spaces for 5/6 students in any subject.

                     1 space for an individual session for a K-4 literacy or math assistance.


***J E Tutoring no longer has available sessions to train students to pass selective class or school assessments.


Kindy -Year 2 can expect:

  • Guided reading and writing sessions
  • Sequential spelling instruction
  • Handwriting correction / tips for work presentation
  • Math instruction in numeracy, space and measurement
  • The use of concrete materials
  • Basic assessments in particular areas / reports to parents

Session Format:

  • Generally attend sessions for one hour per week during school terms.
  • Attend on a long-term basis throughout the academic year and sometimes into the following year.



Years 3-4 can expect:

Guided reading where necessary        Writing in a range of different style     Use of support material e.g. dictionaries

Beginning research skills     Some computer literacy, where necessary     Sequential math work with drills for basic operations

Use of concrete math equipment where necessary.

Generally attend 1 x 1 hour session per week, during term times.


Years 5-6  can expect:   Small group sessions (no more than 3 children of similar skill level)

Writing or math group - covering the Australian Stage 3 syllabus.


***For those needing reading tuition - please arrange an individual session.


Literacy Enrichment

Children excelling in the classroom are offered enrichment in literacy and numeracy.


Enrichment in:

  • writing styles
  • vocabulary development
  • reading for deep meaning
  • project work

Unfortunately, all group sessions are full for 2020



Years 7-10 Can Expect:

  • Assignment preparation
  • Tips on presentation
  • Meeting assignment criteria
  • Planning essays
  • Writing in different styles
  • Research techniques.


Please contact J E Tutoring for a schedule of session times available. Book in via mobile phone or text.

before and after school appointments, evenings and Saturdays - only on selected days and times.

Sorry - NO math / science tuition available for secondary students.


There is NO coaching for NAPLAN, OC or Selective High School Testing.


J E Tutoring does not offer school holiday programs.

Thinking of Inquiring?

  • Generally, a one-hour session, for K-6's, will only cover either literacy or numeracy.
  • Year's 7-11 can either work through set work or bring along assignments, during a one-hour session.
  • When inquiring, please include the age of your child, their approximate needs and which area you would prefer covered.

Family Discounts Available. Cash only after each session.