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J.E. Tutoring offers:

  • Individual or small group sessions
  • Lessons tailored to meet the needs of each student
  • A range of subjects and methods of teaching.

J.E. Tutoring caters for:

  • K-6’s in numeracy, literacy and literacy enrichment. 7-10’s in research skills, assignment preparation and essay writing
  • Home School / distance education - assignment assistance
  • HSC study skills, assessment completion and essay writing
  • Adult literacy - including how to read for meaning, writing an essay, using quotations and referencing research material
  • Adults needing assistance in writing resumes
  • Higher Education students requiring access to an academic editing service that discusses how to answer assignment questions, how to structure essays and write in an academic writing style.

J.E. Tutoring’s commitment is to student success through:

  • Filling gaps in knowledge
  • Tailoring lessons to fit the individual
  • Using a range of methods
  • Being a mentor rather than an instructor
  • Introducing concepts at a pace learners can cope with.


  • Dip. Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Bach. Education.
  • Cert. Professional Editing / Proofreading.
  • Certificates in Gifted and Talented teaching, Adult literacy and the 'L3' Kindy Literacy Program